Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More reader e-mails

I've received another reader e-mail with some pattern links! Also while checking out my favorite craft forum today I found some MORE Dr. Who patterns. Including one for a David Tennant doll!

so here you go:
David Tennant Big and Cuddly
Doctor - Peter Davidson (there is text in blue that takes you to the pdf)
Following are instant pdf downloads
David Tennant newer easier pattern
Christopher Eccleston
Tom Baker
John Pertwee
William Hartnell
Christmas Tree Tardis
Another Dr pattern
Tenth Dr. Who Doll

Other patterns:
Quick birthday creature creation

Patterns from our reader Deb:
Carron Sock monkey Corrected Directions
Buster bunny
All can be found here: http://www.craftydeb.com/free
Click the button next to them to download the pdf!