Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ask and you shall recieve!

I've gotten quite a few pm's on various forums as well as replies to the previous post. I really have to thank everyone for their replies! It means a lot to me!
Please know if I all ready have the link I won't be adding it again but any stuffed toys patterns that I don't have will be added.

So with thanks to your guys! Here's some more patterns for the rest of you!

Amigurumi fox
Amigurumi Chick/Bird
Snow Bunny
Crocheted Egg
Amigurumi Love Bug

Giant Panda
Small Reindeer
Butters da Squirel

Dog Babies
Holiday Chick

Also please note that apparently blogger is EVIL and cuts off urls so I wasn't able to even see the craftster posts. But I am a member there (username: Eliea) so feel free to pm me with those if you see them. My username is the same on crochetville.
Or you can use to make a Short url that works for me to view the longer links.
I really appreicate the help guys!


Anonymous said...

thank you very much !
here a new pattern :

Minttusuklaa H said...

Hi, and thanks for great blog.
I´ve found some patterns too.

This is a knitting pattern:

Anonymous said...
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