Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gnathies' Latest

Little Bunny Boohoo

For those of you wondering I am alive. We had a long weekend at renaissance festival on Saturday and were really busy on Sunday with church. Then Monday night we had to put one of our three ferrets to sleep and I feel like I haven't gotten good sleep in a while. I much look forward to being able to sleep in on Friday and Saturday. :)
Due to the ferret being put to sleep my etsy shop has been put on hold. So At some point you can expect some free patterns from me. Not my lobster or koi though sorry. I still want to sell those patterns in case anything happens to one of my other two fuzzies. I will be putting some things up in it in the next few weeks. But till then I'm busy trying to finish my entry for the artsy toys challenge on craftster and spinning up a storm for the Handspun Yarn Swap, not to mention I really need to get off my butt and start some Christmas presents.
But I am trolling for patterns.