Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ami List on Facebook!

Ami List now has a facebook fan page! I'm on facebook all the time so you can interact with me quicker!

here's the link to it!

I'd love to have you as a fan! Fans can post links, a review of the blog, and I might enable photo's of inspirational ami's if it goes well!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More reader e-mails

I've received another reader e-mail with some pattern links! Also while checking out my favorite craft forum today I found some MORE Dr. Who patterns. Including one for a David Tennant doll!

so here you go:
David Tennant Big and Cuddly
Doctor - Peter Davidson (there is text in blue that takes you to the pdf)
Following are instant pdf downloads
David Tennant newer easier pattern
Christopher Eccleston
Tom Baker
John Pertwee
William Hartnell
Christmas Tree Tardis
Another Dr pattern
Tenth Dr. Who Doll

Other patterns:
Quick birthday creature creation

Patterns from our reader Deb:
Carron Sock monkey Corrected Directions
Buster bunny
All can be found here:
Click the button next to them to download the pdf!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thanks to the readers!

Thank you readers for sending e-mails. I finally have enough things to combine into one new post!
Also I found a blog with some ADORABLE free patterns as well as many that are cute but for sale on her etsy shop. And She's a fellow blogger! She also sent me her links in an E-mail. So this was really exciting!
I'd strongly recommend checking her site out. Her work is cute, and impressive. Check out the Alice set!

She also has the following free patterns:
Pink Little Lady Doll
Tiny Kitty: Free pattern
Blue Donkey: free Amigurumi crochet pattern
How-to crochet a Tea- or Coffee Cup
Valentine Heart Cactus, free Amigurumi crochet pattern

Free pattern: "Pink Rabbit Monster" Finished

Thanks Sayjai!

Now to the Other reader recommendations:
These are in Japanese so you will need to use babelfish to translate. However Many Japanese patterns have graphs which can be read no matter the language.

Totoro puppet
Soot Sprite
Sporty bear:
The following should start downloading the pdf for you automatically if you leave the browser oipen to the page for 5 seconds. If not click the blue text to download the pdf. You may need to instal Japanese Fonts for these to work properly.
Monkey, Bunny,Tiger finger puppet (scroll to where the icon of a peice of paper with block on it is. Click the coresponding letter for the animal. You will be taken to a page of Japanese text. A section will be blue. Click the blue text to download the pdf.)

Wooly Sheep

Wooly Duck
Sittings dog
Whale pg1 pg2
Small Mouse
WEdding Bunnies

Chenille Bear
Black Kitty
Small Teddy Pattern

Baby Animal Bath Mitts Pig, Frog, Bear

Thanks for the message wr!

Also roman Sock has a new pattern:
And this one was never put up:

Thanks for the tip Eva!

I try to respond to every Comment and e-mail I get about this site. I did however have interitent e-mail issues last month. Not sure why hubby the computer guy didn't know either. But if I don't get back with you I HAVE read your e-mails and comments. :) I love my readers! You are all the best! If it weren't for you this place wouldn't still be here! Thanks!