Saturday, May 2, 2009

Long time no see!

Hello everyone. My work schedule has finally changed for the better and I now have time to start keeping this site up again! *does happy dance*
So here's some new patterns to celebrate:
white whale
Gnome Home
fulled (felted) Tomato purse I think this could easily be made into a just felted tomato toy to add to your crocheted food stash
baby Angel
Amigurumi bunny
Amigurumi easter Bunny
Pit Bull Amigurumi
Pot Belly Babies (this is a group if misc critters all with similar round bodies. Please note these require adobe reader to download)
Fay the Flamingo
Ami Snail
Spring Chickens
Graduation Bear
Graduation bookworm
Twiggy the Tree Frog
Green papaya Amigurumi (scroll down)
Spheri Creature
Heavy Metal Guitar Stuffie
JigglyPuff Pattern
Plusle and Minun


Hope you enjoy them! Remember if you find something I don't have here feel free to leave a comment and I'll put it in the next update! I have a few that I'm saving for that one so keep replying and sending those links!