Monday, December 22, 2008

Thanks Nathalie!

I was reading one of my favorite crochet blogs and the lovely nathalie scrounged up some ADORABLE free patterns. I couldn't help readin back through all her posts since She had tons of pictures of baby kitties they've been trying to take care of so I have found quite a few for you guys that she found first! lol.
Thanks Nathalie!!!!

miku the cat pattern
wag the puppy
bffl Mini's
mini dollhouse Pie Pattern
mrs. Egghead and her hubby
Tiny Ghosts
Little Jellyfish
little flower child
ratcliff and razzie rat
elephant keychain
more of a tutorial for fuzzy yarns: fuzzy bodies
Masha Monster
loveable monsters
parrot puppet
coiled snake
Alice in wonderland
the following open in pdfs:
BAby penguin
Baby Turtle

Monday, December 8, 2008

I have been Tagged

I have been tagged by Tricia at

I thought if Tricia wanted to know more about me perhaps others might as well so I'm posting this here and on my personal craft blog:

Here are the “official” rules:
1. Players must list one fact, word, or tidbit that is somehow relevant to their life for each letter of your first or middle name.

2. When you are tagged you need to write your own post containing your first or middle name game facts, word, or tidbit.

3. At the end of your post choose one person for each letter of your name to tag.

4. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them ,they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

5. If I have tagged YOU, please join in on the fun! (Rules supplied by Hannah at bittersweet)


Better- something I want to constantly be. I am always trying to be a better person(due to my faith in Christ), learn a better stitch, or better technique. I try to pass on what I learn to others too. Sometimes I come off as bossy or pushy but I promise I'm only trying to help and won't be offended if someone does something different than me. :)

Eternity- I believe that I will spend my eternity with God when I die. I believe in Christ being the only way to heaven and that once you are saved you are always saved. Christians are not perfect but we should strive to live a life that is a light to others, and we should be kind, and helpful, as well as forgiving, and loving.

Judging is wrong and is for God not man. And we should spread the word in our daily lives as we walk with Christ.

Thrifty- I was raised with the motto, "if it's still there the next time we go you are meant to have it". So I am always looking to see if something is on clearance, or if I can get more for my money. I frequently shop at thrift stores for my clothing, as well as for sweaters to unravel, and I also rescue stuffed toys. I once found 9 yards of fabric at the 1.00 a lb thrift store and I paid so little for it it wasn't even funny. Discovered at walmart that it was labeled at 5.00 a yard. :) I've even found handspun yarn once!

Hubby- I hate this word but it worked. lol. My husband and I met the year i turned 19. We got married exactly 10 months after we met. We did a lot of praying about it and felt it was the right thing to do. We have been married 3 years now and I think we've been doing pretty well. We never argue and rarely disagree which shocks many people. I strongly believe it is becasue he's the Man God intended for me to marry, but also because of 3 things we have decided are important to our marriage.

  • communication- We do not go to bed angry. I mean this! It's meant for some long nights but it's been worth it.
  • lack of selfishness- When I get mad I try to pick aprat why. If the thought is "well I never would have" or "He always does" or anything that makes ME more important than WE then it's selfish and not aplicable.
  • true forgiveness- We do not bring up the past. It's not real forgiveness if you do. And it HURTs your relationship.

Animals- For as long as I can remember I have been a big animal lover. I have always had some sort of critters. the first were gerbils. Nasty little critters. I still remember they were escape artists and would get loose all the time. The doors in our house had a gap between the bottom and the floor so the little speed demons would run from room to room typically we'd catch them in my mothers closet hiding in her shoes. lol

Next it was guinea pigs. We wound up getting my first guinea pig as an adult. Her name was Angela, she was as smooth haired little sweetheart almost entirely white except she had a brown spot from her bum to her hips and a black spot over one eye. We had so many guinea pigs growing up I can't remember them all! But Angela Started it all.

After the guinea pigs I had turtles, lizards, frogs, and through most of my teen years a fat beagle named Ladybug. Then the Year I turned 16 everything changed.

That's when I met Tachi. I'd been saving for her for over a year. She was my first ferret. I have had a huge soft spot for ferrets ever since and it is my hope t one day own my own ferret shelter. People often think ferrets are rodents or something like a hamster. However they are as smart as a 3 year old child and very interactive. they have to be taught how to properly play with people(aka nip training) and they are not usually a pet that likes to be held.

I strongly believe in researching any pet you intend to own before you buy it due to how I came to own my 3rd and forth ferrets. My sister got them from a lady on freecycle. Saffire had Adrenal disease and ruby was deaf. Poor saffire's cancer had spread to the point he was almost entirely bald. Any ferret purchased from a pet store in the states typically comes from marshal farms, and they almost all will contract one of the 3 common ferret cancers and die before they get to 5 years of age. Tachi, saffire, and ruby all had this happen.

I currently own Toby (2nd ferret) As well as Terra and Siera who were a friends and she discovered she was allergic to them. Along with them our home contains 4 kitties, and a giant yellow dog. :)

Natural fibers- My main stash of yarn is acrylic for a few reasons, 1first I'm a cheapskate. I am also allergic to most wools, this includes but is not limited to: Alpaca, Lambswool, and Angora. I've found that there are some natural fibers I'm ok with like Merino, Bamboo, cotton, and BFL. :) But being cheep I rarely but them.I love the way bamboo looks and feels though and really want t oget some to spin with too.

Yarn- I seem to keep buying yarn when I find it on clearance or sale. I have discovered after sorting my stash recently that most of it is novelty yarns which I hate to use! How that happened I'm not sure but I must be drawn to it or something. I also own very little pink and green yarn. Almost all of mine is in the neutral and Blue family. Which I find amusing since my favroite color is GREEN! lol

people I would like to know more about.....
I'll have to think abut that!

baby snow bunny

Darncat Crochet has a new pattern for free. It's a pdf so you have to download it but it's so cute!
Baby Snow bunny

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some neat boyish patterns

I was using this awesome feature I have installed on my browser called "Stumbleupon" and found this website. It's a part of Micheals crafts and there are some patterns that I thought were particularly boy friendly.
If you are like any other mom, older cousin, or crafter, you know how hard it is to find boy friendly crochet. So here is what I found:

Crochet Alligator toy

Techincally pom pom critters but I"m going to add them anyway. pom poms are an addition to knitting and crocheting.
Creepy Critter Caterpillar
Creepy Critter Mosquito
Creepy Critter Spider
Creepy Critter Owl

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fixed wrong link

Thanks for the message! I fixed the link to Link from Zelda. :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

End of April? How is that!

I'm amazed that april is almost over! I have been so busy it is not even funny! 3 people I know are preggers, I finished my mom's birthday present, and I added a pattern to my etsy (the honeysuckle dragon) as well as participated in swaps and worked a lot! lol

I'm having a bit of a down day since I'm going to have to say goodbye to my beloved Ladybug tomorrow. Ladybug is a beagle and she's 14. I was a meanie and left her with my parents when I got married 3 years ago. she's been acting very strange for the past week and my mom noticed yesterday that she has a mass in her abdomen that is the size of a grapefruit. Ladybug has had a long doggie life, She does not do well in surgery (not that my dad would consider this anyway) and she's old. So Tomorrow I will be saying goodbye.

As a result I need to cheer myself up so I'm posting a bunch of patterns and tut's which have been e-mailed and commented so I could find them over the last month. I hope they are helpful and fun for you guys as I will be throwing myself into some crafty endeavor soon to take my mind off the sadness.

First Tuts:
Crochet techniques needed to make amigurumis (part 1) (en español)
Reading patterns (Part 2) (en español)
Additional techniques (en español)

Invisible Decrease

And now patterns. those with *'s do not have pictures:
Kimmi The Giraffe* (in dutch with picture)
Mr ratman
Nilpferd Hippo
Patchy the turtle (pics on page1)
Cup of Tea Bookmark
Baby bunny Rattle (would make a cute bowling pin too)
Egg People
Seasick Fish
Daffodil Pattern
Dudley Bird
Chuckles the clown
The grumpies
Baby Bananna

Enjoy the patterns and tutorials!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Forever and Ever you'll be my friend....

Yesterday was my birthday so I was out all day searching thrift stores with mom and Sydney (the baby sis). I had much success on our mission! But I'll be posting about that on my craft blog. ;)
More patterns:
Ami Paques (this is a direct download link)
Rainbow Caterpillar
doomed Peacock
Go Fish
Bear and honey

Fuzzy Lamb

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ask and you shall recieve!

I've gotten quite a few pm's on various forums as well as replies to the previous post. I really have to thank everyone for their replies! It means a lot to me!
Please know if I all ready have the link I won't be adding it again but any stuffed toys patterns that I don't have will be added.

So with thanks to your guys! Here's some more patterns for the rest of you!

Amigurumi fox
Amigurumi Chick/Bird
Snow Bunny
Crocheted Egg
Amigurumi Love Bug

Giant Panda
Small Reindeer
Butters da Squirel

Dog Babies
Holiday Chick

Also please note that apparently blogger is EVIL and cuts off urls so I wasn't able to even see the craftster posts. But I am a member there (username: Eliea) so feel free to pm me with those if you see them. My username is the same on crochetville.
Or you can use to make a Short url that works for me to view the longer links.
I really appreicate the help guys!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Patterns Please

Hi everyone! I found some patterns and thought I'd update. I also want everyone to know I'm not abandoning the blog, however I have started working full time. Due to this I haven't had a lot of time to look for patterns. We're also going to be looking for a new church soon more than likely, and I'm going to have a new baby brother this summer! So I'll be really busy.
But I will try to update when I can.
The one thing you can do to help is leave comments with links to blogs that have patterns. I won't have time to do my random searches like I have in the past. Any thing you post I'll put up so long as it's not here all ready. :) I do for-see an amigurumi explosion over the summer as people will have more free time. Perhaps that will mean more patterns too. :)

Amigurumi Sprite Dolls
(this is a pdf file link)
the Gabu
The Nogins
Flower Dolls

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Naida's Crochet

If you haven't been to Naida's Crochet you should. She has some adorable patterns. Here are the toy/amigurumi ones:
Ooh Poo
Tiny Teddy
Amigurumi Bear
Dust Bunnies
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
This isn't toys but clothes so I'm posting it:
Webkinz clothes

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I was catching up on my reading on Crochetville. And one of our newbies posted her first amigurumi which brought me to lion brand and to this adorable turtle pattern:
Amigurumi Turtle
And this elephant:
Amigurumi Elephant

Too cute right? Now I want to make the turtle and I'd just printed out the giant Amikeo pattern to start on.... So many decisions....

thanks crochetme!

Aquarius Kitten
Olivander Octopus
Capricorn Kitten
Curious Alien
Captain Cute the Pirate Teddy

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Update but not new patterns today.

HEy guys. I've been super busy with wokr and I'm finally getting over the holidays. I hope to be able to give you some new patterns soon but I haven't seen any right now.
Remember you can always comment with a link and I'd be happy to add it!
Also I wanted to let everyone know something as there seems to be some confusion on what I do here. :)
I don;t save these patterns to my computer. I simply search online for them and post links to the pattern itself. None of these patterns are mine (except the ami pug pattern)And I do not have access to them if a link is broken or not working. However! I do apprecaite you guys letting me know when I mess up and post a link to the wrong thing! lol. Even I can't function without coffee in the morning and I typically update while at work. Many times before that much required cup of coffee. ;) If the link is broken please let me know in a comment.
And remember you can look up patterns of a specific type by clicking on them in the sidebar. I try to tag each post with the types of patterns in it for easy searching. :)
So please keep commenting! I really love reading them! And I hope to post some more soon!