Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Patterns Please

Hi everyone! I found some patterns and thought I'd update. I also want everyone to know I'm not abandoning the blog, however I have started working full time. Due to this I haven't had a lot of time to look for patterns. We're also going to be looking for a new church soon more than likely, and I'm going to have a new baby brother this summer! So I'll be really busy.
But I will try to update when I can.
The one thing you can do to help is leave comments with links to blogs that have patterns. I won't have time to do my random searches like I have in the past. Any thing you post I'll put up so long as it's not here all ready. :) I do for-see an amigurumi explosion over the summer as people will have more free time. Perhaps that will mean more patterns too. :)

Amigurumi Sprite Dolls
(this is a pdf file link)
the Gabu
The Nogins
Flower Dolls


Alexia said...

Here are some links I found:

Hope this helps!

even-star said...

I have posted my very first crochet pattern ever! Maybe you would like to add it to one of your lists?

I always look forward to getting new posts from your blog in my Google Reader list.Love your work!