Thursday, February 7, 2008

Naida's Crochet

If you haven't been to Naida's Crochet you should. She has some adorable patterns. Here are the toy/amigurumi ones:
Ooh Poo
Tiny Teddy
Amigurumi Bear
Dust Bunnies
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
This isn't toys but clothes so I'm posting it:
Webkinz clothes


Suzy said...

lol! The poo is really cute. ^3^

I have some patterns on my site if you're interested! link

Arkerchi said...

Hi, I chanced upon this blog while searching for amigurumi patterns and really impressed by the list posted here. I really want to say a thank you for your effort and to the many others who willing share their patterns. I have just started to learn to do amigurumis as they seem more practical then clothing items here in the topical land. And this blog allows to to try out as many patterns as I can without spending too much as my super stingy husband is not willing to invest on pattern books for me. So again, thank you very much. :)

Mental Meanderings said...

I would love love LOVE to know more about your "poppets"! How to make..materials needed etc! i crochet, and would try to crochet one..but it would be too ugly! lol!