Monday, April 28, 2008

End of April? How is that!

I'm amazed that april is almost over! I have been so busy it is not even funny! 3 people I know are preggers, I finished my mom's birthday present, and I added a pattern to my etsy (the honeysuckle dragon) as well as participated in swaps and worked a lot! lol

I'm having a bit of a down day since I'm going to have to say goodbye to my beloved Ladybug tomorrow. Ladybug is a beagle and she's 14. I was a meanie and left her with my parents when I got married 3 years ago. she's been acting very strange for the past week and my mom noticed yesterday that she has a mass in her abdomen that is the size of a grapefruit. Ladybug has had a long doggie life, She does not do well in surgery (not that my dad would consider this anyway) and she's old. So Tomorrow I will be saying goodbye.

As a result I need to cheer myself up so I'm posting a bunch of patterns and tut's which have been e-mailed and commented so I could find them over the last month. I hope they are helpful and fun for you guys as I will be throwing myself into some crafty endeavor soon to take my mind off the sadness.

First Tuts:
Crochet techniques needed to make amigurumis (part 1) (en español)
Reading patterns (Part 2) (en español)
Additional techniques (en español)

Invisible Decrease

And now patterns. those with *'s do not have pictures:
Kimmi The Giraffe* (in dutch with picture)
Mr ratman
Nilpferd Hippo
Patchy the turtle (pics on page1)
Cup of Tea Bookmark
Baby bunny Rattle (would make a cute bowling pin too)
Egg People
Seasick Fish
Daffodil Pattern
Dudley Bird
Chuckles the clown
The grumpies
Baby Bananna

Enjoy the patterns and tutorials!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Forever and Ever you'll be my friend....

Yesterday was my birthday so I was out all day searching thrift stores with mom and Sydney (the baby sis). I had much success on our mission! But I'll be posting about that on my craft blog. ;)
More patterns:
Ami Paques (this is a direct download link)
Rainbow Caterpillar
doomed Peacock
Go Fish
Bear and honey

Fuzzy Lamb