Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Update but not new patterns today.

HEy guys. I've been super busy with wokr and I'm finally getting over the holidays. I hope to be able to give you some new patterns soon but I haven't seen any right now.
Remember you can always comment with a link and I'd be happy to add it!
Also I wanted to let everyone know something as there seems to be some confusion on what I do here. :)
I don;t save these patterns to my computer. I simply search online for them and post links to the pattern itself. None of these patterns are mine (except the ami pug pattern)And I do not have access to them if a link is broken or not working. However! I do apprecaite you guys letting me know when I mess up and post a link to the wrong thing! lol. Even I can't function without coffee in the morning and I typically update while at work. Many times before that much required cup of coffee. ;) If the link is broken please let me know in a comment.
And remember you can look up patterns of a specific type by clicking on them in the sidebar. I try to tag each post with the types of patterns in it for easy searching. :)
So please keep commenting! I really love reading them! And I hope to post some more soon!