Sunday, December 14, 2008

While watching Smallville...

So I was watching re-runs of smallville in an attempt to get caught up and thought, I haven't been to ravelry in awhile.

So I found you guys some patterns! :)
Hello kitty related:
Christmas kitty
Kitty Witch
Kitty Devil

Strawberry kitty
Kitty in jammies
Hello Kitty

Ami frog
Claude the Cactus

Bring Spring Bunnies
Fly me to the moon rocket
Santa's Cookies



Luna said...

Hi Ami ...i can see you have such a beutiful Blog with so many good projects and ideas for everyone to make.This is beautiful ..Thanks for haveng such a nice blog and affering us so many projects ideas to make.May be yu can take a short trip to my blog...Thanks ,

Luna ,

Nimby said...

Thank you for posting an update! Your blog is the first place I check before starting an amigurumi project. I hope to do an update soon also...

love and rockets,