Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Love etsy

Update: 5/10/07- All this artist's patterns have b=moved to it's own blog.

I just love etsy. Anapalosa has 3 free patterns on there. You don't have to buy them just read the description the whole pattern is there:
Zequi the bear
Fried egg
And since two of these are food that means that there will now be a food section! YAYNESS!


Tracy said...

Etsy is great, isn't it?
Just had to say...love your site, keep it up!!

Tracy said...

Etsy is great...I'd have no ami patterns if it weren't for Etsy.

Love your site, keep it up!!

coelhoverde said...

i love your site, but the owner of this etsy have move her free patterns to here,

Eliea said...

Wow! Thanks for keeping me updated!