Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Inspiration Wednesday!

Since Wednesday is my craft day I've decided to make it inspiration day on AMILIST. Here are some awesome Ami Artists from all over the web.
All Pictures are of amigurumi made by members.

This adorable pistacio bird was made by Denika. He has needle felted features.

This adorable pink pony was made by djonesgirl.

This adorable Robot was made by Shooting Star.

This adorable monkey was made by Vivacatgirls.

If you know of a talented amigurumi artist please feel free to comment and let me know about it! I just might feature them next week.
Also I'm running out of links at them moment for patterns but I have been keeping myeyes open and will update when I find more.


Shoogles said...
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Shoogles said...

Wow, my robot ami (I'm aka shooting star on craftster) has made an appearance :D

The other ami's also featured are gorgeous!

I shall be posting more ami's on my blog soon if anyone is interested, not sure I will be able to write up a pattern for any of them though as I just work free style and as of yet never written a pattern