Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crocehted Dalek

There's a free crocheted Dalek pattern on etsy and I thought you Doctor Who fans would love it:
Dalek Pattern


A Little Flower said...

Ooooow, I just love those daleks! They're really awesome, doctor who is the best! :D
I've never made an ami before, and I don't think this is an easy one to start with. But I will definitly make some if I get the basics. Or I'll just convince my mum to make one for me ;).
Thanks for sharing!
BTW I just love that little TARDIS in the second picture!

Eliea said...

It's not tooo hard to make ami's. If you can single crochet, crochet in the round, increase and decrease you can probably do it. :)