Wednesday, November 28, 2007

reply to leslie and anapaulaoli patterns!

"Leslie said...

Is there any way we can buy these patterns? I saw some Disney ones that are adorable, esp. Pooh and Piglet and Dumbo. Thanks."

the only way I know of to buy the japanese patterns is through e-bay or yes asia. Yes Asia is cheaper it just can take a ton longer to get your books. The reason these are so hard to get here is that they are currently only printed in japan or china. And as a result they have to be shipped in a much much longer process. It's cheaper but can take up to a month.
for instant money eating results I'd use e-bay. A lot of sellers have amigurumi books. Just try searching for the following:
Amigurumi, Japanese craft books, nuigurumi, etc.
Many sellers have buy it now items that are available. Also remember on e-bay you can do a search and if what you are looking for isn't available then save your search and e-bay will let you know when an item is listed that fits your search. :)
Sorry if that doesn't help. :(

And to sweetenthis post a bit here are some more adorable patterns by anapaulaoli:
Jellyfish tree ornament
Tiny Cactus
I can't remember if I posted the following or not:
A little Cookie


Hollistercobabe said...

You can also try amazon in Japanese eventually you'll hit a link for English and you can order these books straight from japan and they are cheaper than ebay. Plus it doesn't take long at all I got my books in about a week!

didi said...

it actually looks like leisure arts had some disney patterns in english: