Monday, August 20, 2007

Inspiration Day August 20th 07

I haven't done inspiration day in a while and I'm seeing a lack of ami's and stuffies on both crochetville and Craftster. People look no further! Be inspired!

Kachoo on craftster made this adorable Bloo Doll from Fosters home for imaginary friends! I hope to see more imaginary friends Soon!

Missmelissa138 Made this adorable spin on a common pattern. I love how unique he is!

This adorable Penguin was made by razortongue on craftster. I love how she crocheted in the back loops. It give the penguin more character!
I closed the link by accident so I can't link the post. Sorry!

Last we have the worlds cutest HP Critter ever. Pygmy Puffs! They were made by KTLYnn8383 on craftster.

Enjoy and keep the stuffies coming! They are so awesome!

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