Sunday, August 5, 2007

Thanks Kitty Katt (and miller for translating)

KittyKatt on craftster let me in on these awesome links. You click the picture and it shows the whole ami book! I thought this was an awesome find. Everything is in japanese but the charts are pretty easy to read. SC in a spiral and the count for the stitches is at the end of each round.
Thanks KittyKat! I know I'll be using this and many others too!
Click on both of those links to be led to different pages. They show the covers with patterns in them. Don't be fooled though many have more patterns than just whats on the cover! This is a real find!
Edited to add:
More from Kitty Katt:
Cute monkey

Translated to english (thanks to miller):
Adorable Bunny
Pug puppy?
Rotund Puppy
Cute Puppy
Japanese Emperor and Empress
Bunny in a dress
Bunny Keychain


dee near Berkeley said...

Just a bit more information. The "King and Queen?" that you have are actually the Japanese Emperor and Empress dolls. These dolls, usually in other materials and dressed in real fabric, are displayed with their court on Girls' Day, March 3. Just after Pearl Harbor, many Japanese American families destroyed their Girls' Day doll collections out of fear that they would be seen as loyal to the Japanese Emperor. Many of those doll sets were quite old, family heirlooms. It's sad to think about. My husband is Japanese American and his parents and sister were interned by the US government as a "precaution".

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Leslie said...

Is there any way we can buy these patterns? I saw some Disney ones that are adorable, esp. Pooh and Piglet and Dumbo. Thanks.