Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thanks Anonymous

thanks to Anonymous I was given links to this site and some other cute Spanish amigurumi sites.
I have linked this all ready translated by babel fish into English. :)
Amigurumi patterns
Amigurumi Patterns 2

On another note I found this site Today through craftster. There are a ton of free patterns there! And I just realized that this is the same site that has the adorable purple hippo linked elsewhere in this blog.
Bitty Baby
Rad Radish
One Bad Egg
Hot Dog!
Later Gator


kitty katt said...

hey this is kitty katt and i have another site for you....
which has quite a few cute pics of originals....
this has quite a few as well...and
this one too
has lots of inspiration if that counts.....there's
quite an archive to look thru but its all very cute..well enjoy as always and i look so very 4 ward to your blogs...thanx again....

kitty katt said...

hey its me again....kitty katt and here are a couple of sites that have patterns 4 you.... (scroll down to see the cute little gnome and yoda pattern) cute little monkey) keychain bunny) (cute puppy) ( cute bunny in dress ) (cute dog) (snowman, bunny patterns)
enjoy!!!-kittykatt ;)

nonoa said...

Pebble...where exactly is the pattern?

Eliea said...

Nonoa, You should be able to click on the word pebble. The blog it's posted on does not seem to be coded for firefox so it may show a little funny if you use a browser other in internet Explorer.
It's right at the top of the page on the right hand side.